The NYT Public Editor Speaks Out On Bias During The Election


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  1. I’m pretty sure this bitch and Hillary, the other bitch, have both the same
    illness because they eat babies. Bunch of cultist sickos.

  2. Lol talking about fake news- new York times! Fake as a 3-dollar bill. None
    of these hacks will ever ask themselves why do people believe news on
    Facebook more than news presented on their Media.

  3. She actually seemed pretty reasonable. I think she knows how far off the
    rails the New York Times and Washington Post have gone, but that’s an
    opinion she isn’t allowed to express freely.

  4. she agreed with Tucker to many times and didn’t challenge him enough,
    weather he was right or factual has nothing to do with it, she’ll soon be
    looking for a job. NYT ain’t gonna keep paying her. She tries to save
    herself at the end…

  5. I view nyt as the fakest of fake news because they have been doing it so
    long. And because they seem to have an agenda. Along with all the major
    news networks….MSM…big-time fake!

  6. Much credit to Ms Spayd for her honesty but what exactly does a “New York
    Times Public Editor” do? Is the position mostly for PR purposes, i.e., to
    appear on network commentary shows like this one and try to assuage the
    feelings of NYT readers offended by NYT reporting without ever really
    changing anything or even looking into those readers’ complaints? It rather
    seems that way.One thing I’ve noticed since the election is how often media
    outlets like the NYT claim Trump was elected by “rural voters”. The
    implication seems to be something like, “We live in New York (or LA or
    Chicago or Detroit, etc) and we don’t know anyone who voted for Trump
    therefore his support must have come from all those stupid country folks.”
    There are two problems with that. First, it arrogantly and quite
    mistakenly assumes anyone who doesn’t live in New York, Los Angeles,
    Detroit, etcetera is stupid. Second, according to the most recent US
    Census only 19.3% of the US population lived in rural areas in 2010 while
    80.7% lived in urban areas.