SJWs At A Community College #1


Republicans decide to publicly decry Professor Olga who called Trump’s win an “act of terror.” This SJW mob is what they were greeted with.

Video that sparked the controversy:

Olga, a professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California unleashed a multi-minute, hyperbole-filled harangue in which she called Donald Trump’s election an “act of terrorism,” referred to the president-elect as a “white supremacist” and said “we have been assaulted.”

Olga — a psychology professor who teaches a class on human sexuality — referred to Vice President-elect Mike Pence as “one of the most anti-gay humans in the country.” She also told her students that the nation is as divided now as it was “in Civil War times.”

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  1. I remember when the OC was a bunch of Republicans… So glad I left that
    hell hole. And what’s with this 0:30 “All Opinions are Welcome” I call
    fucking BULLSHIT! If I were there I would have gone-the-fuck-off on this
    little snowflake…

  2. This is why I don’t like protest that don’t do things that are good….
    covering mouth? So they’re trying to limit their own free speech as well as
    others now?

  3. The one sign that says ” I support Academic Freedom” is the most ridiculous
    because if there was a conservative proffessor that had controversial views
    in their school they would be the first ones out there protesting. If you
    support academic freedom then stop protesting ben shapiro speeches at your

    That being said we cant have it both ways, although what that teacher said
    was highly controversial and inflammatory , we wouldnt want a conservative
    proffesor that had inflammatory views (according to the left) to be fired.
    Lets put it this way, say a complete SJW was voted in as president , much
    more so than even hillary clinton. Would we want proffesor’s speaking
    negatively about this president in pejorative ways to be fired?

    Its easy to say that she should be fired because what she said was stupid
    and potentially dangerous you just have to have the same conviction if the
    roles where reversed, and we are always preaching about diversity of
    thoughts and conservative view points in colleges. We dont need to stoop to
    their level.

  4. I think that teacher should be fired. I think she has every right to hold
    her own political views but when she tries to influence her students she
    should be fired.

  5. lol @ :19 where the girl who’s holding a sign, which you can hardly make
    out, takes off that gag to talk.

    Keep up that will power! Right back to the dorm room microwave and natural
    light. Not even going to dive into :27

  6. I love how the Democrats keep mentioning civil war like they really want to
    fight it out with us. They lost the first one and the next one won’t be any
    better for them, especially when we control 85% of the map already and
    their army would consist of conscientious objectors, SJWs, Liberal Studies
    majors and Cher whilst ours are hunters, factory workers, veterans and Ben

  7. 0:26 thats how all libtard sjws behave weird zombies who have no morals
    freaks and clowns that thing should be in a mental house wtf who behave
    like this

  8. Please emphasise the “Community” in the title please. I’m from Australia
    and already know half these kids protesting are dropkicks. thankx

  9. lol one of them was holding her tape half off to talk and another dancing
    like an nutcase to music no one else can hear. These people really got it
    goin on.

  10. That idiot randomly dancing tells you everything you need to know. This
    isn’t about justice or politics; this is just kids who want attention.