Sen. Ted Cruz Blitzes Obama For 8 Years Of Dissing Israel – Senate Speech – 1/5/17


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  1. The occupation of Judea and Samaria ended in 1969. Jordan had invaded and
    was occupying Israel from 1945 to 1967. Israel did not take this land from
    some other country. They took back their own land. What further confuses
    people is that Israel has promoted the idea of giving up this land in order
    to appease their enemies by giving them an Islamic Totalitarian state from
    their own sovereignty. Israel is under no obligation to do this and has
    always had every right to simply destroy their enemies so they will never
    attack again and move on with their lives. Israel however, in an act of
    moral cowardice has never done this and for that I condemn them and say
    that every Israeli which supports the appeasement of their enemies through
    this effort deserves whatever attacks their enemies bring upon them. That
    is tough love. However, many Israelis suffer who do not support this and
    that is not fair.

  2. Obama is a criminal, he should be immediately taken out of power, arrested,
    and jailed for traitorous acts against this country and it’s people.

  3. If this is going to be four years of ass kissing Israeli’s, and giving them
    loads of free money, then a revolution must commence. When America votes to
    put America first, we fucking mean it. We didn’t mean lets focus on
    foreigners. We can be friends, we can trade, we can even support each other
    militarily, but no you can’t have any more money. Fuck off, we’re staring
    at a 20 trillion dollar pile of debt.

  4. Oscumbag USA destroying Impostor President and the should have given
    himself the Criminal of the year award!
    He is a disgusting person and should be in prison for his MANY crimes
    against the people of this nation!

  5. This is what happens when you elect a Muslim with ties to the Muslim
    Brotherhood as President of the United States of America. Never before have
    we had a “president” who turned his back and/or offended more of our allies
    since WWII. Never before have we has a “president” who placed the best
    interests of non-Americans above Americans of whom he represents. Have we
    had Presidents that have lied? Sure. Be it involvement in delivering
    weapons to foreign states, or having sexual escapades in the White House.
    But emperor Obama vehemently assured the American people that they could
    “keep their own physicians”; their medical premiums “would not increase”.
    All for a pathetic medical program that was geared to help illegal aliens
    and their families residing in this country…illegally. Fu*k Obama. Fu*k
    that son of a b*tch. The darkest and most disgraceful stain on America and
    the White House in recent history.

  6. Brilliant speech. It’s a shame Ted isn’t president, but I’m happy he’s on
    the right side of things. Would love to see him on the Supreme Court.