Scientific Poll Shows Trump With ‘Yuge’ Lead In Swing States

1637 ran a scientific poll showing Trump with a commanding lead in swing states. Http://



  1. I’m impressed, the age group 18-24 47.3% Trump, 25.5% Clinton. I was
    wondering what the stigma of perverting children in the last 25 or so years
    results. The youth has spoken in their rejection of their tormentors.
    Stands to reason 45-64 47.9% Trump, 45.4% Clinton, seems most likely main
    perpetrator age group to me. My concern about time spans between negative
    to/fro positive traits, my prayers have been answered. Hope reigns supreme,
    they’ve spoke, God Bless the Children Amen.

  2. What the hell would other Gender be? I understand a dude wanting to be a
    chick and a chick wanting to be a dude…What else is there? Katelyn

  3. The only way crooked hillary wins is if her and the corrupt US Government
    steal it for her. Look at their rallies. Trump gets 20,000-40,000 people
    per rally with just him. Hillary can barely get 200 people to show up
    unless she pays off some dopey celebrity to go with her.

  4. I dont want Trump to lose but if he loses he should close all his business
    and shit on everyone. And retire and live well.

  5. WaPo showing CT leaning Dem. You say bigger here for Trump, and that sounds
    right. HUGE turnout for Trump NW CT at 6 am, I was there. Politician
    outside the 75 foot barrier, I’m new in town and after vooting I asked if
    this packed situation was normal. He said, “Noooo.”

  6. Can’t trust the voting system software. Too many problems. Vote flipping to
    Clinton was carefully planned by Democratic machinery. These polls are

  7. The God of Heaven is the only true and Mighty God and He is able to save
    and deliver. He rules over the affairs of men. He places and puts down
    according to His will. The Church, the body of Christ, we are called to be
    salt and light. We come in agreement to all who are pleading, crying out,
    interceding, fasting for God to glorify Himself in this election; it is not
    by might, nor power but by Spirit saith the LORD. The LORD Jesus Christ is
    gracious in answering His children’s prayers and pleadings in behalf of
    this country. May righteousness be exalted once more. Have faith and begin
    to praise Him for His outcome!
    Greatness of a nation or individual requires humility before God!