NY Times Calling It For Trump





  1. This election proves that the mob mentality that the biased media created,
    didn’t work as they planned. Welcome to a new era for the United States.

  2. And the world slept well for the first time in 8 years! So closes the gates
    of hades with a roar from the voices of the unchained oppressed. Let us
    throw away the keys to that dark history and look forth to light!

  3. The system work, now lets work. together as Americans. Remember. it’s We
    The People. Are our best days behind us, or , up ahead of. us?? Lets. not

  4. Trump said thank Hillary for years of service.It is years of corruption.
    She was thinking about enriching herself only, not the country.

  5. Bunch of butt-hurt people here in SoCal — I’m rocking my MAGA hat and
    “grab ’em by the pussy” shirt. No one will dare say anything because it’s a
    bunch of wussies out here!

  6. Can someone help.
    I’m a Trump Supporter, i wasn’t before, but now i see he’s just tryna help.
    Ya know?
    But my question is, Is he trying to ban gay marriages?

  7. It’s a miracle god love America and its people. Well done people you saw
    through the media lies, the scare tactics , the manipulation , the threats
    and the insults. Go Trump Pence.

  8. What’s it all about?…”The Election was Rigged”! There’s no doubt about
    that!…Point:…”Trump Won”!…The Opposition Voted Trump!…”A Time for
    Peace” & “Economic Prosperity”! Love the Difference. All for a
    Cooperative Spirit!

  9. I don’t like the national news desk at the Times, but their statisticians
    really nailed this one. They were spot-on accurate all night long.

  10. if i see you anywhere on the street and you’re a trump supporter, i’ll
    shoot you right there and then, you better fucking believe it

  11. Flint, Michigan’s flag features a guy bent over, staring at a shiny object
    with a happy face getting a barbwire bat rammed up his ass