NFN: Anderson Cooper Looks At Elizabeth Warren Like A Popsicle That’s Melted Onto The Floor


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  1. he’s a black eyeed weasel, after watching him here I’m not sure if he is
    clone or can only answer when tell a prompter gives answer? maybe some kind
    robot? help find truth please God bless

  2. IN reality show format – Get two teams together of say 100 in each team. A
    republican Trump team with an across the board, mixture of Trump supporters
    AND the same with the Democrats (team leader ??). They get a town each and
    the same amount of funding and resources.
    I wonder which team (reds / Blues) would be the most successful..!

  3. Uuuuuh Hillary Clinton is associated with a white supremacist. Two can play
    this game lady, and you will always lose.

  4. The Democratic Party is in ruins. They are an absolute mess. They have
    nothing. No message, no ideas, no vision for the future. All they do is
    hurl unfounded, baseless claims of racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism….
    That’s all they have.! They are the party of “Look at how horrible Donald
    Trump is”….. It is absolutely terrifying that these people have been
    running the country for 8 years.

  5. Even Anderson Cooper is like wtf is this bullshit really happening? Are the
    rumors that CNN are a bunch of lying hacks true? His anus beckons the red
    pill, and be one among us who is willing to deliver.