Important Message Of 1st 2016 Votes


The very first votes have been cast & reported from New Hampshire and they tell something very important and encouraging.



  1. I personally feel Trump is more Libertarian than any other two party
    candidate I’ve seen in my 32 years on Earth. I voted Trump!

  2. yes you have info wars for now,its like this you love your 2nd amendment
    you will vote trump,if you like info wars and the internet you will vote
    trump.Because if you dont its bye bye to both.

  3. You can do a Write in, and write any name you want… Maybe, you should
    write my name in there… You’ll get liberty, Trump is gonna Concentrate on
    the money, Make America RICH.. Liberty is second, cuz Our Donny Boy is
    gonna be busy, Draining the Swamp for us,.. It’s a Big Dirty Swamp.

  4. I had to cast my vote for Trump on a provisional ballot, because the city
    of Detroit never sent me my absentee ballot, I hope it is counted. I have a
    question, when I watch videos like this on YouTube with no bells in them ,
    I hear a bell like a timer go off, does this happen ? just random? kinda
    creepy. anyway, I love InfoWars

  5. of course it’s about education! Why the hell do you think America has been
    damn near last education-wise in the whole world? keep slaves illiterate
    and uneducated to keep them in control! Enough said!

  6. If Trump can’t take down the globalists no one can. He knocked out Bush and
    Clinton in one election cycle! TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

  7. David Knight, let me expand on the germ of an idea that you are talking
    about in this clip.
    The internet/world wide web is the “Guttenburg Press of the 21st century!”
    It has given the common man access to real knowledge.
    The internet is the most important & greatest invention since the 1500’s
    when the Guttenburg Press printed it’s first book – known to this day as
    the Guttenburg Bible. That was the last time this kind of leap in
    technology, that allowed the common man access to real knowledge, was made
    – 500 years ago.
    When Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea in approximately 330AD he
    basically created the catholic/christian church and they wrote the Bible as
    we know it today. He didn’t do it because he loved the Gospel – he did it
    for control. The known world at that time was embracing this new idea of
    One God & abandoning the idea of a pantheon of gods & goddess’ and his plan
    was to make use of this opportunity. His instruction to the priests he
    gathered there was to create a doctrine/belief that would allow the
    rulers/kings/priests to maintain control of the people. He recognized that
    there were elements of this new belief that could give people ideas of
    independence in finding God / heaven. So ultimately any of that kind of
    thing was written out and most importantly, they set up their ‘toll gate to
    The Guttenburg press was the first movable type press – up to that point
    all books (read knowledge) had to be hand scribed & therefore too expensive
    for the masses. ALL information had to come from ‘controllers’ usually the
    local priests. As long as people paid their penitence & followed what the
    priest said – they were on their way to heaven.
    When the Guttenburg press was invented it did take a couple of generations
    for people to learn to read & write but ultimately it allowed them to
    access knowledge for themselves. Until 6 Corporations took over approx 95%
    of all the press in the USA.

  8. The cultural Marxists has hijacked the whole educational system.
    …indoctrinating young people with their lies on a massive scale.

  9. All of us here in Wisconsin knew Trump was going to win. I have family and
    friends spread throughout the entire state and NOBODY was voting for
    Clinton. Our biggest fear was that we have a Soro’s run system but it just
    goes to show that when have the mass number of votes going one way, you
    cannot possibly take them all or you risk exposure!!!!!