Having A Fruitful, Open Discussion With SJWs


Republicans decide to publicly decry Professor Olga who called Trump’s win an “act of terror.” This SJW mob is what they were greeted with.

Video that sparked the controversy:

Olga, a professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California unleashed a multi-minute, hyperbole-filled harangue in which she called Donald Trump’s election an “act of terrorism,” referred to the president-elect as a “white supremacist” and said “we have been assaulted.”

Olga — a psychology professor who teaches a class on human sexuality — referred to Vice President-elect Mike Pence as “one of the most anti-gay humans in the country.” She also told her students that the nation is as divided now as it was “in Civil War times.”

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  1. Say something like “hey bitch! Want to suck some of that nice white cock?!”
    and watch the tape come off as fast as lightning.

  2. Imagine how much more credible and respectable these protesters would be at
    advocating for their causes if they engaged in rather than shut down
    debates? Its hard to imagine huh?

  3. She really taped her mouth because she’s a fucking moron and knew
    beforehand that she couldn’t uphold her viewpoints with anything
    substantial. In her stupidity, she thought it was a good idea, except it
    wasn’t. That’s how dumb she is. #dumbdumbfucks

  4. That’s the only way you can have an intelligent interaction with a
    left-wing loon.

    On the plus side, it would facilitate making points without being

  5. Now I understand why the diaper pin. It’s in case the safety pin on they’re
    diapers pops off. What a clever way to have an extra on hand.

  6. this is a true model liberal. if only all liberals duct taped thier mouth
    shut this world would be a much better place

  7. You know what it reminds me of? The foolish muslim migrants outside the
    Greek-Macedonian border literally sewing their mouths shut. Let’s hope
    these ignorant ladies go that far and contract tetanus.