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  1. if we took in a billion Syrian refugees we may have ton of terrorist
    attacks (thanks islam) rape would go super high (thanks islam) it would
    just be crazy

  2. The FoxNews guy has really the face like an ass. He’s clever to get the Vox
    guy saying what he wants. He’s really an arrogant dumb prick. Smart, but
    ignorant and dumb.

  3. I came here expecting the comments to tear Fox news to shreds but everyone
    here seems to be on Fox’s side? Was I the only one who thought the Fox guy
    was being unreasonable? Like this entire segment seemed to me like the Fox
    guy attacking the Vox guy on everything and him having to try to explain
    everything away while mr Fox just seems to constantly interrupt him and
    attack him somewhere else. And before someone tries to dump me into a
    meaningless label, no, I don’t consider myself what most people call a
    ‘leftist cuck’.

  4. Right Wing Propaganda Vs Left Wing Propaganda
    Though I agree with fox news though, suppressing information under the
    guise of “fake” news is very arbitrary and can lead to political
    censorship. Lets just remember that MSM hegemony on political election has
    lost for the first time in history and now they are scurrying underground
    and pushing the narrative of “russian hackers”