Everyone Laughs At Partisan Hack Claiming Donna Brazile Is Fit To Be DNC Chariman


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  1. CNN KNEW that Donna had given the questions to Hillary. If CNN really had a
    problem they would have called out the clinton administration and said
    something like “how could you use our network to cheat?” They never did
    that. They simply buried it under the rug and tried to pretend it never
    We have to remember that this isn’t JUST about donna brazille. It’s also
    about Hillary. And John Podesta. If Donna gave Hillary the questions, it
    also means that Hillary TOOK the questions and cheated. But CNN was
    entirely non curious about asking Podesta any follow up questions once
    evidence came out that she gave hillary a second set of questions. And they
    wouldn’t be so silent if they weren’t complicit. Because it makes their own
    network look bad to be linked to Donna brazille if she did in fact leak

  2. I love how he tries to divert to the Russian Hack issue. So typical of
    those hypocritical liberals. Thanks to formally communist Russia for
    exposing the truth that the supposed “progressives” hid from its own

  3. The word “System” came from ancient Rome as a way to describe their Sewers.
    It is very fitting that we have a Political System a Justice System and an
    Educational System.

  4. No Richard– the question is this: why didn’t Hillary and her team report
    the theft? She and they received stolen goods and used them. Hillary could
    have won some badly needed honesty points. The whole incident just confirms
    why so many people couldn’t vote for her.