Donald Trump Claims Outsourcing Isn’t Free Market


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  1. I remember going to Walmart years ago looking for American made products
    (I’m from the UK.) and people asking me why I bothered. Well, I stopped
    ‘bothering’ because Walmart stopped selling American made products. You
    want a toy or board game made in the US? Ha! Forget it. THAT is what Trump
    is going to stop.

  2. Apple has – get this – *$237billion* in the bank. Most of it in foreign
    If the iPhone were to be made here that would go down to *’only’*
    $215billion. Oh boo hoo.

  3. Companies NEED the right to trade in countries where their profits lie. If
    they want to do it from outside whilst taking tax breaks within the country
    of sale, it’s double-dipping the savings and should be cut out like a
    cancer because it has eroded businesses over the years. So what he is
    saying makes complete sense. It’s just implementation that needs to be
    secured. Saying the WSJ doesn’t understand business is just naive though.
    They know EXACTLY what they print.

  4. So at the end he means consumers need to buy the more expensive / “allowed”
    products because they are made in USA? This will fail and this is why
    socialism is constantly failing.

  5. A Republican is someone who answers the dog whistles “smaller government,
    lower taxes, personal freedom”, but is too stupid to understand that once
    Republicans are elected:

    “smaller government” becomes
    – leaving insurance corporations in charge of health care
    – cutting Medicare, Social Security, and all programs that provide help or
    opportunity to the middle and lower class-
    – eliminating all regulations that stand in the way of corporations
    polluting and screwing you for more profit

    “Lower taxes” becomes
    – still more huge tax cuts for the corporations and the rich, tiny little
    tax cuts for the middle class (just so they can say the tax cuts were for
    everyone), and making up for the lost revenue by increases in all forms of
    more regressive hidden taxes and by cutting programs and services, all of
    which hurts the middle class the most.

    “Personal Freedom” becomes, for examples,
    – the freedom to go bankrupt from medical bills
    – the freedom to forgo a university education because your parents can’t
    afford it
    – the freedom to work for poverty wages because the corporations can get
    away with paying those below poverty level wages

    Any working class person who votes Republican is a Fox Fiction fucked fool.

  6. It makes it hard to agree with him when he says things that make no sense.
    I agree with the entire outsourcing bit but to say that its not free market
    is dumb. That’s the epitome of free market, hence why we need some
    regulations, however nowhere near the extent authoritarians demand

  7. Did the comments just backfire to what 1791L expected? The point 1791L
    focused on was that Trump hypocriticly was for free market but against
    outsourcing, but the comments ate whatever that came out of Trumps mouth.

  8. I voted for Trump, not holding my nose, but with pride. I still support him
    about 90% of the time, and when the election results were in I was
    ecstatic. I felt elated for the first time in years.
    Yet, let’s be honest here: Trump is wrong this time. Tariffs on imports?
    Okay, whatever. China and other nations are out-competing with local
    businesses and causing jobs to be outsourced to areas of the world where
    labor is cheaper. Americans can’t be consumers if they’re all unemployed
    hobos-we need to keep SOME jobs, even if the methods are less than ideal.
    …but not like this. Not by calling up individual companies and forcing
    them to do shit with bribes and blackmail. No more bailouts, no more
    corporatism, no more BS. If you want to attract business to the US then
    just lower taxes. This…this isn’t capitalism. If I wanted the government
    to control all business, I’d move to Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.
    Trump, build the wall, appoint the justices on your list, and let the
    police do their job again…but don’t do this. There’s no end to this path.

  9. …….also the reason for jobs being out sources is because of gov
    regulation and taxation making operation of said business harder or gov
    subsidies making only some business in that sector profitable by giving
    them money, the real issue is whats happens when too many jobs have been
    outsourced , not the outsourcing itself. Outsourcing is a great thing when
    we get rid of the jobs that do not suit the population of the nation on
    various aspects(the entire south doesnt reliy on crops solely anymore), it
    isnt an issue we have outsource jobs to other countries, its an issue that
    out sourcing have become the norm because either its the legitimately
    cheapest option for most job now a days ( everything held equal) or gov
    regulation/taxation making it the only viable option but some jobs are
    better off being out sourced because people here may not want to do it or
    it wont produce the GDP/Money required by the time invested .

  10. The focus should be on attracting businesses, not punishing them for
    leaving. Companies will avoid the US from the start to avoid tariffs and
    protectionism. I like Trump but if I’m intellectually honest this makes me
    uneasy, and no business person would be honored with the president telling
    them how to run their business.

  11. “Free market” would mean the transfer of wealth from America to Mexico and
    China, which is exactly what we’re seeing now in globalism. If you
    theorists have studied economics you’d see that yes, an efficient market is
    beneficial to all players on the whole, but it is devastating for a country
    that is already in a strong position. Analogous to how an entity would be
    far more profitable in a monopoly than it would be in competition. It’s so
    obvious and it pains me to see that misinformed people think Trump’s
    policies on trade and economics are bad for the US!!

  12. I think he means well but doesnt have the vocabulary to articulate what he
    means, which is a move towards protectionism in the US economy. He was
    elected on this mandate and he has to honour it. Globalisation is not
    working for the majority of working and middle class americans. Lets hope
    he can actually do it.

  13. You know what’s funny about this video? He proved it a week later. lol
    Hahaha Weird how people could ever ignore that. Carrier said they’re going
    NOWHERE right on their twitter hahaha

  14. I’m very free market, but does the rest of the world practice the same
    principles as we do? What happens when there are government incentives made
    by another country to suck out all the business from the US? If we
    deregulate on par with the countries that our businesses are fleeing to,
    and we do a little strong arming to make them stay, I don’t think that’s
    the worst thing in the world. If we create even more regulations and force
    companies to stay, I’d be completely opposed to that.

  15. It’s been happening for about 15 or so years and let me tell you, he’s
    right ive been contacting in IT for those years and cos of outsourcings.
    Sick of it in the ling term it’s not just factories moving but jobs. I was
    rolling out laptops to India’s workers who took my job away, sick feeling.
    I had a job for life now gone. Let’s keep the jobs back home. By the way
    I’m from Australia so the f bs is world wide. So STFUP so people who are
    from the far left!

  16. *We don’t have a free market in the first place, so why pretend we do?”*

    We gave up the free market in favor of minimum wage and over-regulation, so
    now we have to play the game. If we want to keep a minimum wage (which we
    shouldn’t) then we have to manipulate the market as best we can to keep
    jobs here.

  17. Guys this kind of selective rewarding for certain companies from staying in
    the US was bad with Obama and bad with Trump

  18. “I’m a big free trader, but it has to be fair.”
    That’s right, the fairness of the market is more important than the
    freeness of it.