Democrat Hasn’t Heard Anything From Intelligent Sources On Russian Hacking The Election


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  1. And Then the New York Times and the Washington Post published bogus
    articles on how the CIA said Russia hacked the election.

  2. Can somebody tell me why people are scared of being allies with Russia? I
    seriously don’t get it, in my mind it would be a good thing to be their

  3. Why now? Democrats didn’t hold hearings when the so called Russians hacked
    the State Department or the Defense Department or other government
    departments. It isn’t until Hillary loses the election and Democrats are
    thrown out of power do they demand hearings and make claims the Russians
    turned the election over to Trump. More fake news from the Democrats.

  4. Julian Assange has proven himself to be more truthful then all the main
    stream media and the DNC and most of the Republicans. he said it wasn’t the
    Russians and he practically told us it was a DNC whistle blower that was
    found shot in DC.

  5. Get that beast from the east of a satan’s child outta our affairs so we can
    enjoy a free and prosperous America. We shouldn’t let anyone who hold dual
    citizenships serve in Congress.

  6. what a fucking joke. oh look, the senators say Russia was involved. They
    know what was in the papers. No specifics. It’s just an anti trump echo
    chamber like normal.

  7. Engal say he has had no input from Intelligent community and the later he
    say Congress needs to investigate these allegations, -huh -

  8. Idiots. First it’s the recount, then it’s the fake new controversy, then
    it’s Russia (again). Maybe something will stick eventually…

  9. CNN and all MSM is such lies and propaganda. That’s why they’re dying. They
    won’t clean up their act they just keep maintaining even though they are
    aware, that we are aware.

  10. This is what Engel said in July:
    Russia was trying to interfere in the U.S. presidential elections by
    allegedly hacking the DNC email system and releasing it on the week of the
    Democratic National Convention, the ranking member of the House Committee
    on Foreign Affairs suggested on Wednesday. “It makes you wonder of the
    Russians are trying to influence our political system on [electing a new]
    president,” Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) said during a panel on defining
    America’s role in global affairs hosted by the American Jewish Committee in
    Philadelphia. “It wouldn’t surprise me if they were; it wouldn’t surprise
    me if more things come out.”

  11. If the various intelligence sources in the US had even the slightest hint
    of something that might possibly maybe be considered to be one quarter of
    an ounce of ‘it could be proof but we’re not completely absolutely certain
    about it’, then MSM would be broadcasting that minuscule sliver of
    information every 15 minutes. But they haven’t. Because they have
    absolutely nothing.

  12. Have we forgotten that in a free democratic Republic, everyone has an
    opinion, is free to speak it, and publish it Ask the Saudis or the
    Israelis. Obama was encouraging illegals to vote in this last election.
    Obama was again the subject of a news conference in Phoenix, Az yesterday
    the Maricopa C o. Sheriff proving the Obama long form birth certificate is
    a forgery. Hummmm… maybe the ‘ birthers’ were right.