Deconstructing Barack Obama’s Rhetoric With Julian Assange


1791L – Independent informant.

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American Lampoon – Shut up, millennials.



  1. Am I the only one that remembers when republicans hated Russia and Assange.
    Suddenly they’re ok because they’re benefitting “our guy”?

  2. Lawyer-Speak, I thought the same thing when I saw it last night. I think
    part 2 is on tonight. I was glad to see Julian is ok.

  3. isn’t it funny how both sides are the exact same. Mirror images, two sides
    of the same coin. Yet we hate each other so much that we trust foreign
    powers against our own president.

  4. This is why I am starting to despise the fact that there are so many
    lawyers in politics. Michelle, Barry, Bill and Hillary — all lawyers. They
    know how to legally deceive and conflate facts with lies to influence a
    crowd’s decisions, which is the exact tool the criminal defense lawyer uses
    to defend likely guilty defendants.

  5. Obama: “we tortured some folks” would you believe this guy who made this
    statement so cavalier vs. the other guy living in fear of his life, whoms
    publications have never been proven false……damn I’m whicha Assange,
    till da MF wheels fall off

  6. Clean records don’t need publications. If Hilary and the DNC hadn’t
    produced mud, there would be nothing of this sort. It is ultimately on
    their own hands.