CNN Doesn’t Want You Watching Fake News


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  1. #FakeNews is a direct attack on the 1st amendment. It is up to the reader,
    not anyone else, to decide the credibility of any story. It has always been
    and always will be. “

  2. and that’s the problem. The people (the taxpayers) are the ones who these
    people are supposed to answer to….not CNN. We shouldn’t have to learn the
    facts through a fake news agency who will only spin the facts or remove
    many of the facts from it.

    These “news” agencies are nothing but propaganda, now.

  3. We’re “Us” and well, you’re just “you”. You can’t think without “us”
    (please don’t abandon us) lmao

  4. Is that the same CNN whose employee was slipping the debate questions to
    Hillary (but not Sanders)during the primary debates, which were watched by
    millions? That CNN?

  5. Fake news is a codename to “shut down all other forms and platforms of
    information but ours”

    The same media that is full of truths, is unbiased and is fill of not
    bigoted leftist repeaters, i mean reporters, is now picking the moral
    upholding of get rid of untrues and falsehoods by himself?

    Nope, i can do the digestion of information by myself, not everyone is a
    leftist brainless yesman/drone, i have a brain and i quite like to use it
    to think.

  6. CNN’s submitting their own death sentence for no more fake news, nice..⚰
    ..buh bye you gutless, rotgut, putrid and infectious and yellow stained
    agents of contagion…buh bye and die forever…we hate you beyond

  7. “It’s illegal to own these documents…and we’ve got them right here”

    Also, didn’t Clinton say time and again that her emails were never hacked
    and that she never left them open to attack? Isn’t admitting that she was
    hacked also proving she lied and can then be prosecuted for perjury?

  8. Why does CNN always have to have a talking head that looks and sounds like
    a frat boy that is majoring in Business Administration?

  9. CNN pushed hard the fake news hands up don’t shoot narrative for many
    months. CNN has cops’ blood on their hands. CNN is now behaving like they
    are the keepers of the truth, what a joke. CNN is too often wrong or
    inexact or out of context on topics.

  10. CNN #1 Bullshit ! fake news all speculations no fact thru out the
    Presidential Campaign, just opinions no fact, that makes there comment
    uncredited with no substance. We seen it thru out the campaign, bunch of
    puppets controlled by george sorros n others, trying to poison the masses
    with there lies. Who is the father of lies ? The devil! steal, kill n

  11. I hate this guy and he is scary:( “everything you learn is from us” having
    information is illegal? And is ok for them haha he talks to people like
    kindergarten teacher to little children 👶🏻