Clinton Campaign Tried To Silence Mika Brzezinski For Trivial Statements


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  1. WRONG. Their just trying to portray the image of them speaking truth and
    being attacked for it. They are nothing but an overpaid progressive
    megaphone. 🖓

  2. Why has it taken HRC so long to come out against fake news? Fake news on
    WMD in Iraq got 500k children killed. WTF, over?

  3. Funny to watch the liberals turn on each other. Funny how they said the
    conservatives/ Republican Party was through. But the funniest thing of all
    is we’re the ones laughing now watching the Democratic Party self destruct.
    God bless America.

  4. This is B.S.! These so called Reporters tried their hardest to make
    Hil-liar-y the next President! Now they want us to believe they didn’t.
    Pathetic Losers! These Fake News organizations need to lose their FCC

  5. She only spoke out because she knew guys like 1791 would pick up on it, and
    because it was live tv, no immediate edits.

  6. This feels like an SNL parody at this point with Hillary talking about the
    rise of fake news. Yes there is fake news that got Trump elected, and it
    all came from Hillary’s camp.

  7. It’s sad that conservatives like us fight to the death to protect liberals’
    free speech but rarely do they reciprocate.