Black Vote To Bring Down Hillary


Infowars Reporter David Knight discusses how black early voter turnout and black Christian conservative rhetoric spells doom for Hillary Clinton



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  4. I wish people would STOP lumping ALL blacks in together.
    8% of Black MEN voters said NO to feminism. More Black MEN voters than that
    didn’t vote at all.

    here is some information:
    “Clinton needed extremely strong support from African-American voters to
    try to offset Trump’s margin among whites. She did win 88 percent of the
    black vote to just 8 percent for Trump. However, this was significantly
    lower than the 93 percent of black voters Mr. Obama won four years ago. The
    falloff in her share of the black vote was entirely due to black men.
    Clinton won among black women by a 93 percent to 4 percent margin. Among
    black men she won by 80 percent to 13 percent.”