Ben Shapiro Wrecks Affirmative Action


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  1. my step dad wanted me to let my little brother win every game we played
    together i shut that down fast now my little brother beats me at about
    everything… if he was my enemy i would have let him keep winning and then
    he would have learned nothing

  2. Affirmative action is actually really racist against the person’s community
    receiving it… It creates the brain drain that takes these perceptive
    doers and achievers out of their communities and puts them working in
    another’s. If not given the “opportunity”, their skills would do wonders
    improving their own communities. The whole point of the affirmative action
    could be to discriminate against these unfortunate communities by stealing
    their greatest minds away… leaving them in perils ruin.

  3. Can anyone clear this up for me:

    When Ben says there are more white people on welfare & food stamps than
    black people, is that referring to straight volume in numbers, or
    proportionally based on the total population of white/black (per capita?
    (forgive me, I’m at a loss as to the correct terminology right now))?

  4. “We’re going to be in a much better position to do justice when we stop
    focusing so much on the perversion that’s known as social justice” 2:33

    The perfect quote to end the year and begin the next.

  5. Lefties would still somehow refute this argument. I don’t understand how
    people have become so resistant to common sense and logic.

  6. citation please. I’m a bit skeptical about the claim of white people being
    on more food stamps than blacks yet blacks are poorer.

  7. Im from India so please no comments about me being racist- I notice this
    guy has an Indian accent , so he is an international student from India
    studying Yale and he is talking about white privilege I mean WTF! Why would
    a person of color attend a college in a country where whitey is out to
    oppress and Yale which was founded by WASPs accept him. I hate to quote
    SJWs….but I cant even…

  8. Last year I got 2300 on the SAT, coming from an average middle class
    family- a Hispanic kid from my same neighborhood cut class at least 30
    times our senior year, had much worse grades and scores and he got into
    Cornell and I didn’t. But I don’t have a right to be pissed off because
    white privilege.