Ben Shapiro On Guantanamo Bay


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  1. ONLY STUPID LIBERALS think the Iraq war was a invasion-ask the Kurdish
    people who were killed in the thousands by Saddams WMD”S the Kurds love
    Bush while libtards are safe in America crying about foreign wars same
    thing happening now in Aleppo stupid fucking liberals crying while
    thousands are being massacred

  2. How about proving that they ARE “enemy” combatants.
    Other than them just being turned over by locals who had it out for them,
    or kidnapping people just because you need to meet a quota, or just normal
    citizens protecting their country from invaders.
    Shapiro is just a dumb warmongering racist statist here.

  3. Goddamn. I was like there’s no possible way that Ben Shapiro can make
    Guantánamo Bay look good. Yeah but here I am mind changed and I’m all about
    some Guantánamo Bay now. Shapiro is a golden tongued sunuvabitch.