Ben Shapiro On Ben Affleck


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  1. Affleck is a spoilt piece of virtue signalling Hollywood shit. Guess what,
    I am not wealthy or privileged, I am nothing. However, despite
    unpleasantnesses in my family I am glad to say that no none of my
    predecessors had anything to do with slavery,band I can trace myself to the
    15th c. Affleck is a left piece of scum, typical celebrity. Pathetic.

  2. It’s white guilt. Fake tolerance and inclusion. Not ONE of these actors
    lives anywhere NEAR a minority nor would they EVER let their kids go to
    school with them. Notice none of the actors that were leaving if Trump
    won…. left?? Nor were ANY of them going to Mexico. it was Canada where
    it’s mostly white people. They’re all full of shit. Ben Affleck being one
    of the biggest cucks of all.

  3. I don’t like Ben at all, but so what if does have a slave owning ancestor?
    Who doesn’t have a shady character in their long history. And if there are
    African Americans who have a problem with that we can recount that many of
    their ancestors used to sacrifice babies and eat people, among other
    things. Little boys in glass houses and all that.