All Hell Breaks Loose When Don Lemon Uses The N WORD


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  1. The only thing I found interesting is that Don Lemon said “We are suppose
    to tell the truth”…coming from CNN that’s hilarious.

  2. This world is so full of shit. Why is this still a thing?? There are people
    hungry and we are worried about people feelings just because someone’s
    grandpa/grandma was called a certain word years down the line now their
    children somehow inherited the genes of feelings when the name is

  3. Any time a nigger tells you they would kill or beat a white man for saying
    nigger, remind them the 2nd protects the 1st.

    Hit people get shot, nigger.

  4. fucking joke, how much you wanna bet they drive playing rap singing nigga
    nigga nigga, nigga please, i put the h on the emphasize it niggahhhhhhhhh
    ya know niggah can you lend a niggah a pencil

  5. Saying the “n word” makes no difference. Everyone knows you mean to say
    nigger. Anyone who can’t handle hearing a word needs to grow up.

  6. One day in the far future people will look back on ancient 21st century
    records and ask “Daddy, what was the N-word that people were never allowed
    to say?” and the answer will be “We aren’t sure little Jimmy but we think
    it may have been News-media.”

  7. Do these idiots really not realize that having a personal argument on the
    air is NOT NEWS? None of these people are journalists.

  8. What is with these anchors thinking they are the knowledgeable ones who get
    to dictate the rules surrounding racially insensitive words?

  9. when don lemon’s Jewish boyfriend is 4 inches deep in Don’s boi pucci, he
    leans in and whispers “you like that, nigger boy?”

  10. if blacks want equality and want to be treated the same as everyone else…
    then the word bigger should not be banned to only whites. why don’t they
    freak out when Kanye West or Lil Wayne use the word nigger/nigga… why
    don’t they go after them as well?? blacks are certainly not slaves anymore
    and there is no issue of slavery in the USA today… can’t we move on
    already? If blacks or niggers (as they call eachother) can use the word,
    anyone of any other race or color should be able to use it too… that is
    equality. fuck double standards… and if blacks want equality they need to
    start living by that of which they speak of.